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The UtilitEE consortium consists of 11 project partners of which five will be in charge of the pilot roll-outs in France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Poland.

HYPERTECH - Project Coordinator

Leading experts in ICT and Energy, focusing on Energy Behaviour Modelling and Profiling and the development of Human-Centric Energy Management Systems. 
Leading the Technology Configuration activities of the project (WP3) along with the integration and testing of the UtilitEE components.
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ETRa i+D

Leading industrial group in Spain in energy and security.
Technology providers and energy experts acting as Pilot Managers of the project and organising and monitoring all relevant activities from initial audits and baselining (WP2 leaders) to roll-out and evaluation.
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Experts in energy analytics and personalised recommendation engines.
SUITE5 will lead the Business Innovation activities of the project. They will contribute to the technical developments of UtilitEE and lead the exploitation and business planning activities (WP6 leaders).
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University of basel

Behavioural Scientists with significant expertise in behavioural analysis and design of change strategies.
Leading activities to define the UtilitEE behavioural change approach and evaluation of the behavioural interventions of the project.
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Leading ESCO in Spain with expertise in energy efficiency and building energy management.
Significant contribution in the auditing, performance assessment and pilot implementation activities of the project. Strong involvement in the impact assessment of the project results and in charge of exploitation planning.
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Dissemination and Exploitation experts with focus on the energy domain
VaasaETT will lead dissemination and communication activities and contribute to the living lab and business innovation activities.
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Local Energy Utility in Greece.
Responsible for the realisation of the Greek pilot roll-out.
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Local Energy Utility in France
Responsible for the realisation of the French pilot roll-out.
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Leading Energy Utility in Poland.
Responsible for the realisation of the Polish pilot roll-out.
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Local Energy Utility in Germany.
Responsible for the realisation of the German pilot roll-out.
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Local Energy Utility in Spain.
Responsible for the realisation of the Spanish pilot roll-out.
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