The UtilitEE consortium is aware of the ethical, privacy and data protection issues which could be raised by the activities performed in the scope of the project, since it involves data collection and a set of pilots to assess the technology and effectiveness of the proposed framework. Furthermore, in compliance with the new European Commission’s directive 2016/680 of the European Parliament about the protection of natural persons, an extended Ethical and Social research was recommended in an effort to cover possible ethical and social issues, so that the outcome and all process would abide with the EU ethical rules. 

The UtilitEE Ethical Helpdesk consist in a centralised service which provides constant advice about ethical and data protection issues that may arise during the project’s life cycle. The UtilitEE HelpDesk has the responsibility for implementing and managing the ethical and legal issues of all procedures in the project, ensuring that each of the partners provides the necessary participation in UtilitEE and its code of conduct towards the pilot participants. All technologies and tools are verified beforehand by the UtilitEE Ethical HelpDesk while particular attention is given in the preparation and implementation of the pilots. 

The UtilitEE Ethical HelpDesk provide at any time all the information that one may ask, while in same time is responsible for the preparation and the implementation of the pilots. The HelpDesk will remain online long after the completion of the project assisting to any future attempts of implementing the UtilitEE framework. The goal is to have the best possible outcome but always with respect to the human factor, the rights and liberties that are constituted by European and National Laws.

To the end of the diffusion and establishment of the ethical guidelines, an ethics manual has been provided which will be constantly updated throughout the whole duration of the project to address end users’ needs and requirements. Considering the engagement & demonstration activities performed in the project we distinguish two main user groups and the associated manual documentation:

Contact Details

Dr. Dimosthenis Ioannidis
External Ethics Advisor
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Information Technologies Institute