Suite5 & UtilitEE at the Energy in Buildings 2019 event

Technical development partner Suite5 represented UtilitEE at the Energy in Buildings 2019 event in Athens, Greece on 28 Sep 2019.

A paper was submitted for peer-review before the event, and a live presentation given for the audience on topic “A utility-oriented architecture towards their business transformation in an Energy-as-a-Service framework” .

The key focus of the presentation was on the business models and overall business perspective of the UtilitEE tool. In addition, a special interest was placed on the demonstration activities to be performed and how the results can be considered for further replication in mass scale.

The paper along with other publications is available here.

The authors of the paper are D. Panopoulos, P. Katsifarakis, E. Labathakis, I. Michael from Suite5 LTD.