Murcia town hall full of European projects

3 October 2019, MIWenergía and UtilitEE participated in an event organised at the Murcia town hall to demonstrate the European projects and Murcian companies in the H2020 initiatives that are active in the municipal area to the citizens and university students.

During the workshop, the most important projects were introduced and UtilitEE project was highlighted as a great example of sustainability focus on a particular neighborhood and how it can influence the rest of the local communities to increase awareness towards energy efficiency. The size of audience was as high as 150 giving the MIWenergía activities the much deserved recognition.

We were glad to see the positive impact this initiative has in the Murcia neighborhood and how meaningful the practical approach of the European projects can be to the students and citizens in the community who witness them first had in their day-to-day life.